Contingent Recruitment

Our purpose is to assist your organisation in identifying well qualified and motivated candidates, and presenting a shortlist of those best suited through comprehensive processes. While we always apply our existing knowledge of the insurance industry and of the people working in it, we will in each and every case undertake thorough research to ensure we deliver the highest calibre and suitability of candidates the market has to offer.

Retained Search

There are going to be times when the recruitment of an individual is so specialised, or critical to your business, it requires a more comprehensive and structured recruitment service with a guaranteed success rate. We can discuss the benefits of working on a retained basis, giving you examples of recent assignments and the detailed mappings we have across these areas of the market.

In the ever increasing hunt for talent we are increasingly active internationally and our headhunting network is global. We have attracted candidates to the UK and Ireland from the US, Bermuda, Continental Europe, South Africa and Australasia. We are also able to offer a suite of complementary services, including market mapping, market intelligence, sector analysis and compensation benchmarking that helps deliver access to the most exceptional talent.

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