Contingent Recruitment

Our purpose is to assist your organisation in identifying well qualified and motivated candidates, and presenting an inclusive shortlist of those best suited through comprehensive processes. While we always apply our existing knowledge of the insurance industry and the people working in it, we are constantly updating our research to ensure we reach, and are in contact with, as wide and diverse a pool of talent as possible.  This enables us to consistently provide our clients with the highest calibre and diversity of candidates within the shortest timescales.

We maintain a database of actively looking candidates and contractors so we can move quickly to fill the majority of vacancies. For many roles we provide CVs within 24-48 hours.

Retained Search & Exclusivity

There are going to be times when the recruitment of an individual is so specialised, or critical to your business, it requires a more comprehensive and structured recruitment service with a guaranteed success rate. You may want to be discrete, require a diverse and inclusive shortlist that adheres to certain metrics or just want to be certain a thorough job has been done. We can discuss the benefits of working on a retained or exclusive basis, giving you examples of recent assignments and the detailed mappings we have across these areas of the market.

Rather than starting each search with a blank canvas, we use our 20+ years of experience, comprehensive market maps, data and relationships to source talent. Candidates we approach have often known us for many years, allowing us to immediately engage with an extensive, trusted pool of talent.

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